Fighting Spam


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@CG: Hey, do you know how a lot of forums make a registered member have to activate from a link in an automatic email sent out to the new member's email account after they first sign-up?
Why don't you do the same thing here? I bet it cuts down on a lot of the spam by spam bots around here...

Just a suggestion, is all. I know our moderators get to the spam posts pretty quick, so its not like this forum has a lot of spam. But I figure there would be even less spam if you implemented that feature.
Hey Jake,

We do that actually :smile:
It means I have to deal with a lot of "hey, my activation email didn't come through" messages, but we do it to lessen the spam load. *And* there's an automatic spam checker that checks for blacklisted IPs and content-filtering... yet the spam gets through :smile:
Its easy to go get an e-mail now days, not that hard to do. They've seriously got services out there where you can setup an e-mail account for an hour (long enough to verify it). Anyone can setup thier own e-mail server too.

The best way to fight spam is to report anything you see, usually we're on top of it but sometimes it does get through.