Figured I might as well ask for myself.. (OSX+Vista)


Ok. My HDDs go like this:

320GB SATA (300 actual GBs)

-Partition 1, NTFS, 260GBs (Media)
-Partition 2, NTFS, 40GBs (Windows Vista)

20GB SATA (18 actual GBs)

-Partition 1, HFS+, 18GBs (Mac OSX Leopard)

Now then... I started with the blank 20GB, and the blank Vista partition. I first installed OSX, then Vista. I used EasyBCD to add OSX to the Vista bootloader. It shows up, but when I select it, I get "Chain Boot Error."

From there all I can do is reboot.

I know there's a sticky about OSX+Vista, but it doesn't provide much information. I would greatly apprecieate any help. I have been trying to get an OSX/Windows dual boot going for about a month now. Thanks in advance!

Seeing as you've seen the sticky, then you know that we don't have all the answers on this topic.

Try installing OS X to the same drive as Vista. I can't help you more than that right now.
AS Guru said there is no more info available. There is nothing we can do to help. There has been a change in the OS X Leopard Darwin loader which doesnt work to dual boot with Windows. At the current time can do nothing more. Sorry.
HM, we're not sure what works and what doesn't any more.

EasyBCD 1.5 was developed and made to work with a particular OS X install setup/configuration. Since then, things have changed.

With regards to your particular situation, all I can advise is to attempt to install OS X on the boot drive which should be the same drive as Vista; and see if that works.