File missing from Windows Vista Repair CD


Hi, I download the iso and burned it to cd as an image cd, I have all the files there except for Sources\Install.wim and get an error code: 0x80070002

Please help. Thanks
Its missing on purpose. Our recovery disc cannot be used for re-installs. Contact your OEM if you don't have the discs you need to recover your system.

Now if you're just trying startup repair, system restore, hit the "Repair my computer" link instead of the "Install Now" button...
Oh no wonder. I've tried using startup repair etc and nothing is working. Apparently I no longer have an OS. so I thought I could re-install Vista with that disc.
I do have the Windows Vista System Recovery DVD and tried that, but after I enter the Vista serial number, I get an error message that says 'error 100a'.
I contacted HP but they wouldnt give me any help whatsoever because my warranty has expired.
Try hitting next without typing in anything. if that works, it'll put Windows on in evaluation mode, where when it prompts you, or you click "Activate Now" in system properties, you'll need to be connected to the internet and provide the product key than.

Toss a few bucks thier way and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to assist. We'd have the install.wim in our file, but than MS might come after us...

Better to be legal than sorry.
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