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After probably 15 Vista installs, and 30-40 Mepis Linux installs, it has all come together. I had promised to write a detailed narrative of the exact procedures. Well, I don't think that that is possible.
This afternoon, late, I was messing around with the computer thinking that Bill Gates was the Devil, and that he cavorted with a Penguin for a sidekick, while sipping Lattes and eating Granola while praising the virtues of OSXI (Wombat, or such). I became inspired and reinstalled Vista on the second partition of my new SATA drive. I followed that exercise in pain by installing Mepis Linux on partitions 4, 5,& 6 of the same drive. I have my trusted XP on another SATA drive. EasyBCD 1.6 is installed on the XP drive. I installed GRUB to the Mepis root partition. I rebooted into XP and added the Mepis section to the boot loader (I have done this probably 20 times before; however not with this drive combination.).
I rebooted and was totally awed when Mepis loaded the first time.
I rebooted again, and Vista also booted the first time.
I burned a stick of incense, thought pure & lovely thoughts, and booted XP. It worked as advertised.
I have absolutely no idea what was different, except for the drive combinations. I shall not question fate. It works.

Computer Guru, many thanks for your patience and understanding. Thank you for freely designing and supporting your product. I realize that my quest has been a steep, bumpy road; however the effort will be worth the wait.

Thank you again.

Jerry in Anchorage, Alaska
Wow, Jerry - I'm really glad for you :grinning:

I realize you'd never be able to write a guide in a million years given all the twists and turns - that's ok, hopefully the latest version of EasyBCD + the newer guides deal with both the GRUB_ error and other configuration issues.