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So i have stopped using Windows firewall, and i downloaded and installed Sygate Personal Firewall. Is it a good choice?

i know that it is running and i still have access to the net ^_^ so that good, but is there anything better?

I know on my desktop i have Nivida's Firewall (thanks to my SLi mobo) :smile: i like that programs Gui personally

So what is out there that is better then what im using now (sygate) and of course, it has got to be free of charge ^_^

Does it help to know that i am also using Synaptic Endpoint Protection? (i know nothing about it lol)
Comodo is a good choice. Zone Alarm is alright. But i prefer Comodo. Sygate is alright. But it is older and not as updated as comodo.
What about my Synaptic endpoint thing? i have never messed with it, it was installed when i got the machine, it seems to be doing its thing (i just updated it a couple minutes ago actually)

Comodo, ok, ill look into is that free?

Oh and synaptic just blocked somethign called svchost, and i dont know why, it has never said it was blocking anything else lol
Comodo is free. I dont know much about that End Point thing. I remember getting a free serial for that not long ago but i never installed it. I tried it a long time ago and it was decent but i never bothered with it for long.

The svchost can be a legit process. That is used by Windows for some of their apps to gain access to the internet. So that could be a issue. :wink:
well there are like 12 of them running, and only one was blocked from making a connection, i dont think the whole thing was blocked
I wouldnt think it would be them all. But i would check out why that one got blocked. Could be something you need.
okaydokay ^__^

well it seems that that is the only thing it has been blocking, idk...


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i personally find windows firewall annoying i turn it off every time it comes up telling me that his program will kill your computer and all im using u torrent or its likes
Okay mak?

in endpoint protection settings, under firewall rules, it has this blocked, should it be allowed?

Block IPv6 over IPv4 (Teredo) Remote UDP port 3544
Port 3544? Okay now that doesnt sound like any Windows process. I most definately wouldnt allow it. svchost should use port 80 from memory.

But you are using Vista and that does use IPv6 as well. But that port rings out as a no no.
Does "Teredo" sound like a program you're famillar with? I'd do a search for it just to make sure it is safe, but even if so, it doesn't sound that important that it should be unblocked unless it is preventing you from doing something.
Well since you have XP i dont see why you would have IPv6 going? I knwo i have never had that issue on my system and i am fully up to date with SP3 and everything. So i would check in your network settings and remove IPv6 if you really dont need it. IF you do then allow it thru.
I am thinking it got installed because this machine was down-graded from vista but idk

okaydokay ^__^ ill remove it from network settings

Thanks mak :smile:

Well do i really need it?
like it stated in that thread you linked to. If you are not using IPv6 in XP yet then there is no need for it to be installed. Since very few places have implemented IPv6 i would be sure that it would be safe to remove for now. At least till IPv6 gets more widely accepted and implemented. By then Microsoft will send out a patch or a installer for IPv6 for XP anyways.
svchost isn't a real process, it doesn't do anything.

Multiple Windows services run inside svchost to save memory. You can see what services each svchost instance is using by downloading and running Process Explorer by Microsoft.

svchost wouldn't be using port 80, it would be using an archaic, oddly-numbered port for its services. For instance, the RPC service is run by svchost.exe, and it uses a non-standard port number.