Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 1 available on Mozilla servers

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Moving right along according to plan, the first release candidate of Firefox 3.0 appeared this morning among Mozilla's beta and candidate downloads.

As best as we can tell, it's the genuine article. As expected, most of the plug-ins recently upgraded for usability with Beta 5 were inoperable in this version, though our plug-in to switch rendering engines with Internet Explorer at will, is functional. The "About" screen clearly registered the product as "Firefox 3.0" instead of "Firefox 3.0b5." And after installation, the browser attempted to load a "What's new in 3.0" page that does not yet exist.
In the early going, we notice one obvious new addition: A link marked "Most Visited" appears next to the "Smart Bookmarks" button in the Links toolbar, which itself was an addition that cropped up, we believe, in Beta 3. Clicking on this button brings up a list of URLs that appear to be the top 10 members of the current History buffer.
The default skin looks ever-so-slightly tweaked, with more space between the new "Back" and "Forward" rocker-switch-looking contraption and the "Reload current page" button. Some pixels appear to have been cropped from the Address bar to make room.


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Firefox 3 En Installer
Yeah i just found that page. I had this running for a couple days before ti dawned on me to post it. :S
Yeah i got the message right now (it popped out of the bottom right corner) im downloading and installing.
....and with Firefox 3 RC1 I'm back to using Opera 9.5 weeklies.

FF2 used too much memory, and now FF3 is now using too much CPU.
I still use Opera weeklies. Just like Opera more...

Oh my Gawd, I'm using my dad's pwersonal cwomputer and I'm 5 yeaws of awge. I twink I like fwirefox bwetter. Pwease don't tell my dad I wrote thwis. Bye :lol:
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I have been trying to get into Firefox. I jsut can not use it over Opera. To many things about it that jsut annoy me. They have not addressed the resources issues that have been going on since before version 1.0 of the browser. That is why i left them in the first place.

Even with he Firefox Ultimate Optimizer it still uses more than Opera 9.50 or IE8. Not good when a final product (Firefox uses more than Beta browsers...
Actually, I'm still using Firefox 3 on my desktop (4GB of RAM, an E6750 overclocked to 3.65 GHz so resource wastage isn't an issue). But on everything else, Opera 9.5 just flies in comparison. Even IE8 is faster!
I have Firefox 3 on my desktop as well. While in XP it is fine. But for some reason under Vista it seems to be real nasty.
I said why I can't work fast as I like in Opera. I'm too used to its shortcuts and whatnot... now it would take a good piece of time to switch elsewhere, I'm willing to sacrifice a few more MBs of RAM, although I like Opera, I don't see myself switching to it. Without Firefox I feel like surrounded by a strange environment. :ldown:
That is how i feel in Firefox. The Firefox 3 is much better but i really love the Sync option in Opera 9.50. I am able to keep my bookmarks updated from XP, to Vista to Linux. No need to back them up constantly.

I am still working in Firefox 3 RC1. I just have to get more used to it. After Opera for a couple of years it is tough to jsut up and leave it. :tongueout:
I haven't had a chance to play with FF3 I am going to play with it as soon as I can. I like FF but it's starting to bug me on some levels I have given Opera a chance an I like it just wish there where some extensions I would like to see added to Opera before I could use it full time.
If i am not mistaken Stumble Upon has been done. But the Translator and Server Identifier hasnt been done.
Oh an network speed an internet speed tests handy for testing parts of networks .

Yea an they are both very useful for me the tools that haven't been ported... yet.
Mak, just out of interest, how fast is your connection to the Brussels speedtest server ?
I've found that's my fastest connection, even faster then the one just down the road.