Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 released

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Firefox 3 Release Candidate 3 has been uploaded to the official Mozilla ftp site and is currently transferred to all mirror sites before the announcement is made on the official Mozilla Firefox 3 website that a new version is available.
As usual information is rather scarce before the official release notes have been posted at the official website (which they have not until now). The release however is definitely the final version of Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 and early adopters can download and install it immediately without fearing that they are installing a version that is not final.
I will update this article later on with links to the release notes once they have been published by the Mozilla Firefox team.

Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 released
Yeah. I have been having these chats with my buddies as well. As good as it is there is still Memory Leaks all over the place. I have the Optimizer running at all times as well. I still see some leaks. But they are not that bad with that running.

Honestly i do not know if that works with Firefox 3 at all. I jsut run it.
Firefox 3 Release Candidate 3 out

Now that did not take long. After releasing the Firefox 3 release candidate 2 just a few days ago the Mozilla team decided to publish yet another release candidate that is currently directly available on the Mozilla ftp site. The Check For Updates function in Firefox is not detecting the new version yet and there is no official announcement about that version on the Mozilla homepage either.

As usual things take a while and users who download the releases directly from ftp will be the first to have the latest version up and running. Firefox 3 RC3 is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh and all language versions. Just follow the link given above and navigate to the release that you need.

The only information available at this moment is a blog post over at Zdnet that is mentioning a bug in Firefox 3 for the Apple Macintosh that was caused by the recent update and that this release candidate is practically being created for the Mac. I’m off to install the new version and we hopefully will be able to access the release notes for Firefox 3 RC3 soon.

Yeah the Official Firefox download day where they pad their numbers saying they have the most downloaded browser in the world. Instead of taking out those who just upgraded the Beta....
Have you guys noticed that you can't check for updates in FF in Ubuntu 8.04? I know that it is a beta version and that no updates would be available, but my option to do so is faded out! :frowning:

They so shouldn't have put a beta release into the release of Hardy. Just another reason to manually download FF 3 Final on June 17th I suppose (Assuming the site doesn't crash from the heavy traffic :smile:).
You can't check for updates on Linux because there is no binary package that Firefox can download and install for itself. Someone needs to compile a .deb from the Firefox sources and upload it to the Ubuntu software repositories, and then Ubuntu can check for updates (including Firefox) and update the program if necessary.

On the other hand, Firefox has binaries compiled for Windows and Mac so it can automagically check and update itself on those platforms.
I just downloaded and Opera looks cooler.
There isnt much difference between the last RC, but at least the font is fine now in the forums.
I looked at their download day stuff and the only country i found with 0 is Turkmenistan.
How much is the record their trying to break??
I still question the record. How many were from Unique IP's and how many were downloaded to the same IP?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this. But FF3 already has flaws.

Zero Day mobile edition

Just 5 hours after the official release of the latest refresh of Mozilla’s flagship browser, an unnamed researcher has sold a critical code execution vulnerability that puts all Firefox 3.0 users at risk of PC takeover attacks.

According to a note from TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) , a company that buys exclusive rights to software vulnerability data, the Firefox 3.0 bugalso affects earlier versions of Firefox 2.0x.

Technical details are being kept under wraps until Mozilla’s security team ships a patch.

According to ZDI’s alert, it should be considered a high-severity risk:
"Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code, permitting the attacker to completely take over the vulnerable process, potentially allowing the machine running the process to be completely controlled by the attacker".

Not good news for Mozilla who even went to RC3 before release.