Firefox vs. Opera vs. Internet Explorer [PIC]


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Hey guys... I was so LOL when I saw this :lol: this looks interesting :grinning::


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^ LMAO :smile:

i love FF!

i tried Opera, its okay, but it is something that you need to be born into to like i guess, or never touch FF when you leave IE

but i dont know why you would do that lol

the one kool thing i saw in Opera, was the channels thing, but meh, i like have all my sites cookied and save,

one letter can bring thing place up, lol i know they all can do that but i like FF anyways lol

and wasnt FireFox the first to do tab's?
Opera is where it all happens... It was the first Windows browser to do tabs, inline search, speed dial, summaries in URI auto-complete, and a lot of other things :smile:

I used Firefox ever since it was Firebird, and switched to Opera with version 8 when it became ad-free.

Love the pic though - it's quite true :smile:
Yeah, Opera designed those useful features we use every day. Thanks, Opera. :smile: I can't imagine surfing the net without them.
I used to use IE, because all I really needed to do was browse the internet; not much else. Now I use FF, and I like it a lot better because of all the skins, add-ons, and extensions for it. The only thing I like about IE is that it doesn't have an annoying download manager that pops up in your face every time you try to save an image.
Hm, there is very detailed options about that download window in FireFox where you can tell it for example to close right after download is done, or to clean up download list and close download window, or simply tell it not to show download window, and if you do that, and later want to see it, its in Tools/Downloads. :smile:


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Personally i am with Guru. Opera is my favorite by far. I use Firefox with the IE extension for most IE stuff. I really dont use IE that much at all anymore...
For most people, Opera is too different more than anthing else. Because when you use Opera, you have to abandon everything you are used to, because Opera does it differently (and, in my opinion, better).

But when you get used to it... :grinning: you won't want to use anyhthing else.

I'm at my cousin's right now, and first thing I did was install Opera :smile:


What I really want to do though is install DVORAK... Typing on QWERTY is a real pain once you leave it! :grinning: :lol:
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Naw, I just left and am back at home with my lovely DVORAK-powered Opera-running Ubuntu :smile:

(plus, my cousin has a Vista PC :x)