first steps


wells looks like i cocked my pc up not knowing what i was doing and looks like a fresh install is gonna happen so can someone tell me the best way to set up win xp and win7,
I have 4 hard drives installed
ide 75 gb with xp on although through my medling can't boot to it now
ide 75 gb empty nothing on it
then 2 75gb sata drives raided together so 150gb but is just about full.
what should i do to get best set up
i have xp on a disc
win is a image on a pen drive do i need to burn to a disc first,
Install both to the ide 75 gb HD, to separate, pre-created/pre-formatted NTFS partitions.
However, make sure to do this with the other HDDs disconnected, so you can be sure the boot files of both systems go to the right HDD. Install XP first, followed by W7.
Win 7 on a UFD should be fine, provided you can boot it. If not, then yeah, probably best to burn to a DVD...


Oh, and once you connect the other HDDs back, make sure that the boot sequence of the BIOS has the XP/W7 disk first...
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