First Time Dual Booter

Need a little help please.

Built a new i7 system over the past couple of weeks (love it so far). Currently I have 1-300 gig WD velociraptor, and two Seagate 200 gig Sata drives. Before I bought the WD I had XP Pro32 installed on one of the Seagates, and the other for storage. Everything ran just fine. Then decided to install Vista 64 on the WD, as a seperate HDD dual boot setup. I d'loaded and installed BCD2.0 beta, and followed the instructions on the support page. I now get the option to boot vista, or XP, but when trying to boot to XP I get a "Windows could not start. Following file is missing or corrupt: <windows root>\system32\hal.dll" advisory. Not sure where to go with this next? I can see it in the windows xp system 32 folder, so it must be corrupt?. One thing I did have an issue with was when trying to install XP on this evga x58 mobo, I was told I had to slipstream the RAID drivers (no floppy support on this board)onto an XP boot disc to get the HDD's to run in SATA mode. Never could get that to work, and had to let XP run in IDE mode. Thought I could cure that issue when I installed Vista and let it install using AHCI mode. And it did until I tried the dual booting, then had to go into the bios and set the SATA/PATA mode to IDE. Now is when I get that warning on the hal.dll. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Sir, or Maam, not sure. But I thank you. Think what I did was to use the auto-config, then moved the boot.ini to vistas root. Running auto configue again seemed to cure it. At least for now. Once again, thanks

T.T. :grinning: