First time user...Dualboot W7/Vista issue


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I don't know what happened to mess it up, but my Vista install doesn't work right. Windows 7 is a clean install on first partition, and VIsta is a restored mirror on the second. Worked fine for a few weeks, but now when I boot into Vista, it can't load my user profile and starts giving me rundll errors. When I look at drives I see:

Windows 7 Partition (G:smile:
VIsta Partition (F:smile:
DVDROM 1 (D:smile:
DVDROM 2 (E:smile:

When booting into W7 Drives are correct

Windows 7 Partition (C:smile:
VIsta Partition (D:smile:
DVDROM 1 (E:smile:
DVDROM 2 (F:smile:

I am sure my errors have to do with the fact that everything was installed in Vista as the C: drive. Like I said, it worked fine for weeks and just stopped in the last few days.

Tried to repair with EasyBCD 2.0, but proceeded to hork up my W7 boot and had torepair from W7 install disk.

Any ideas?



Finally found the answer by judicious use of Search on the board. I managed to fix it by launching regedt32.exe and relabeling the entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\MountedDevices

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