[FIXED] 0 Entries in overview but entries shown in detailed mode


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Hi guys,

Having some problems with my boot menu and easyBCD seems like the application i need, problem is, i cannot get it to work. I stupidly thought that adding new entries was the way to go and ended up in more of a mess than i was originally in, basically i was trying to dual-boot Win7 and Ubuntu but it failed, miserably and now i want to remove everything from my boot records, bar my Win7 install and start again.

When i launch easyBCD i am getting nothing in the overview, but in the detailed section everything is there, from searching the forums i could not find anything to help, however i have attached all files i think may help you guys understand what's happening.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,




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Excellent news. Glad to hear the new version addressed this issue.