[FIXED] Destroying Character-set in item's name



Today I spent much time with EasyBCD. I think I saw few bugs if I understood it properly. Now, I am trying the Beta "EasyBCD 2.1.1 Beta - Build 148.exe".

1) When I run EasyBCD on my BCD file with the description of "Old Windows version" in Czech language the czech characters are destroyed after saving from EasyBCD.
Respectively, the chars are destroyed immediately after reading into EasyBCD. When I save now, wrong text will appear in boot-menu. If I write it properly in Easy BCD dialog again and save, I obtain good texts in boot..


Next bug:
2) I'am currently running Easy BCD under XP sp3.
When I use "BCD BackUp/Repair - Change boot drive (chosen Radio button) - Perform Action", I obtain message "...Only available on Vista - 7 - 2008".

BUT Now I use the "BCD deployment - choose an empty partition (Fat32 formatted) - Install BCD". I think, this action does the same???
This action is confirmed - but the final reason is totally empty partition as in the beginning (or was a boot-sector written?). Probably, under Win7 goes this action ok.


Next bug:
3) (still running Easy BCD under XP sp3 - probably not important)
After start automatically reads the System BCD storage. With "Tools - Edit Lagcy entries" I can edit Boot.INI from here.

BUT: When I switch the storage with "File - Select BCD store" the same way I still edit the Boot.ini from System storage, insted of Boot.ini in the new place.
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Windows XP does not support or use the BCD at all. The BCD is the boot manager for Windows Vista and Windows 7. So the error that occurs when you click to Backup/Repair is correct. It isnt a bug when that is the function of the BCD to only be used with those Operating Systems. Windows XP uses the boot.ini, not the BCD. BCD was introduced first with Vista. When you click Install BCD you are telling it that you have one of the qualifying OS's installed. So you have to add and entry for one of those qualifying entries in order to backup/repair. So number 2 isnt a bug, it is operating as it should.

#1 and #3 Guru will have to figure out. EasyBCD hasnt been translated into all languages. So it could be that with #1 the translation isnt correct.
Hi palyza,

Thank you for taking the time to comprehensively test EasyBCD.

1) This used to be working, odd that it's not. Is this behavior in Windows XP or Windows Vista/7?

2) Very good catch. They should both be limited to Vista/7. I'll disable the install BCD under XP in the next beta build.

3) Again, great catch. If you were to add an entry in EasyBCD, it would use the correct boot.ini. I did not redirect the tools menu option however. Will fix in next build as well.

Thank you again. And please, if you have any other bugs to report, do share!
Ad 1) - character encoding: I testeted it again yesterday and the problem occures under Win7 the same way like under XP. I send you 2 images:
3 - read Under Win7.png
This first is, how Easy BCD (here under Win7) reads the czech characters.

And on the second screen is, how the characters should be displayed properly. But this case is when I retyped all national characters from my CZ Keyboard in EasyBCD again. This is before saving and exitting. After that the real boot menu will apper Ok with czech characters:
4 - Win7 - Ok Displayed CZECH characters.png

And in the end I append the BCD file what can you debug on. This is Bcd file, when CZ characters were properly saved and will be Ok displayed in boot menu.
View attachment BAK1-CZ.MNU.zip This is Bcd file in a zip. Can this be opened from this site?
I'm not sure I understand... What does "national character" mean? I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with the Czech language.


Oh ok, I think I understand.

You're saying that EasyBCD displays and saves the Czech characters OK, but when it loads them from the BCD it corrupts them.
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Yes, probably like you wrote. When EasyBCD loads CZ characters, it completely destroys them. And in consequence -when I add 1 or more chars to them- it saves it (these former chars) badly.

But the newly writen CZ chars (with CZ keyboard) saves it to the Bcd file good! They are then ok displayed in the boot menu.

I looked a bit into the Bcd file. The CZ chars are encoded with higher byte at value of 1 and lower byte with some ASCII.
palyza, I've finally been able to work on this. The internationalization issues seem to be caused by some bugs in .NET and it took a while to work around them.

Bulid 150 should address all the issues you bring up in this thread. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give :smile:

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