[FIXED] EasyBCD 2.1.1: Can't reorder menu entries


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When trying to move a menu entry up or down, i receive an error message in 2.1.1. Returning to 2.1.0, there is no problem.

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Hmm, it's working fine here in 2.1.1 final.

What error message do you get?


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Same issue here after upgrade to 2.1.1. The exact message is attached.
EasyBCD Error.PNG
Did not have this problem in 2.1

Steps to reproduce:
- Opened existing BCD on USB flash drive with 6 entries - all ISOs.
- Removed one entry
- Added one entry
- Trying to move entries around.


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Thanks for that detailed bug report. I'll try to reproduce this problem and see what I can do :smile: