[Fixed] easybcd will confuse xp if partition has no letter


I used easybcd on my aspire one and it worked great. On my desktop I installed xp pro on the main hd and then windows 7 on my second hd. easybcd happily changed settings but then I could not boot into xp, xp said ntldr not found. I tried an easybcd delete and add of xp in windows 7 and lo and behold it could not add it again because ntldr not found and it gave a strange name for where to put ntldr (hardrive1?), I then went into admin tools and found that the original xp had no drive letter , I added a drive letter and easybcd allowed me to add an entry for xp. All is working again So the issue is:
If the partion with xp has no drive letter, easybcd will allow you to manipulate the entry, but then you can not use xp.
You need to copy over boot.ini, ntdetect.com, and ntldr over to your Windows 7 partition from XPs. See the sticky linked to in my sig for the details.
My point is that the current EASYBCD will make xp unbootable

If there is no drive letter attached to the xp disk. EasyBCD happily allows you to change things and the xp system is unbootable. I tried to test the beta, but Win7 will not allow me to unname the system letter (although I did not use any of the invisible tools). EasyBCD should warn you or have a recovery option, preferably both.
You can unmount it by running this command:

mountvol.exe X: /D

Where X is the driev letter you used.