[FIXED] [EBCD-420] Won't let me deduct physical memory


EasyBCD won't let me deduct Physical Memory. When I go to the Developer Tab under Advanced Settings, the box for imputing the amount of memory I'd like to to remove is grayed out and I can't do anything with it. You can see the problem in the attached screen shot. The same problem exists for the box where I can Limit the Number of CPUs (though I don't care about this function right now).

I'm trying to reduce the memory from 4GB to something just less than 4, so that my WinTV PVR 150 will work. The Software doesn't function if I have 4 or more GB of RAM.

Windows 7 x64
EasyBCD 2.0.2
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Getting that on my end too. During the re-design everything had to be redone for the UI so this is probably something we missed. If thats the case we'll have it fixed in the next build.
No problem. This bug should be fixed in EasyBCD 2.0.3, due for release "soon enough."

Thanks for bringing it to our attention :smile: