[FIXED] [EBCD-500] Bug with multiple VHD entries


I'm hard working on VHDs and noticed another Bug in EasyBcd V after opening the program I clicked the button for adding partitions (upper part) or VHDs (lower part). Then I added 2 (two!) VHDs to the startmenu. I clicked 'Save' after the first AND after the second VHD. The result is the following: both VHDs are selectable after booting, but only one (don't know the first or the second) shows the well known windows flag animation during boot sequence. The other one shows a yellow/green ribbon changing from left to right similar to that when installing from DVD into harddisk partition. There's something wrong I think. Then I deleted both entries and created them using BCDEDIT (this is a good concentration exercise :wink:)

Please remember my bug changing the "locale" entry for a VHD. The program resets the entry from VHD to local disk when changing the local language. My proposal: have a global configuration, where you can define the language (maybe more) for all consecutive tasks in EasyBcd.

Ru Jstessi

PS Is it normal that cloning a Harddrive to another the VHD-parts of the Bootmenu are going wrong, the partition leave OK?
Hi Ru,

It certainly sounds like it would be associated with the other bug you reported. To be totally frank here, I don't recall testing a configuration where there were multiple VHDs in the boot menu simultaneously as it was a very low priority.

I will see to it that this gets the attention it deserves for the 2.1.1 release.

Thanks again for all your debugging help, you've been wonderful!