[FIXED] [EBCD-500] Language Selection destroys VHD-Entry


Hi,with the actual version I found an error that makes it impossible to create a menu-entry for starting a virtual harddisk by choosing that entry. In the first step I created the menu entry and showed the program where to find the VHD-File -> all OK so far. But then in a second step I had to change the language from default ENGLISH to GERMAN. Having done that, the kind of menu entry changed from vhd-loading to normal, ie. winload from c:\I tried it several times always with the same result. FYI: my first entry is a Win7 at c:\, the second I wanted to create is a vhd-File from c:\filename.vhdWould be fine to get a confirmation, better an update CU JStessi
Hello Jstessi,

Welcome to the NeoSmart community, and thank you for using EasyBCD. I'll look into your bug report to confirm, but it sounds like you've done your due diligence. If this is the case, rest assured, we'll fix it in the upcoming update.

Thanks again!