[FIXED] Manual Bootloader Selection option not working (Build 145)


I have a second BCD store located on my "R" Drive which I use for recovery options, not wishing to have a default here I tick the "Wait for User Selection" option at the Edit Boot Menu screen. This does not appear to have any effect as whenever I test the countdown always starts at boot. When I double check back in EasyBCD the "Boot Default OS" option is highlighted. Yes I definitely click save settings after selecting Wait for User Selection, just in case Im asked.
Is this what you mean CG? There are also other entries pointing to iso's for Acronis True Image etc.


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Oh dear, seems I've given you something else to work on, i've no doubt it can be fixed. Does that include the inabability to deselect a default as I tried not having one thinking that might stop the countdown starting.
No, they're completely separate features. I have fixed it, it'll be in build 146 as soon as I can upload it but unfortunately I have no Internet at the moment as my ISP is having a nationwide outage for the past two days.
Hi Mahmoud,

The newer builds e.g. 145 and 146 take an age to open for me.

I just reinstalled 2.03 120 - that opens in under 3 seconds.

Newer builds take more than twice that.

OK, we need to find out why.

Can you open a command line window and run the following:

cd "\program files\neosmart technologies\easybcd\bin"
bootgrabber.exe /tlist
bcdedit.exe /enum all

And tell me which of the two commands took a long time?
Not sure it helps.

Bcdedit took longer.

It also took longer with the fast opening build.

In fact bcdedit was the same speed with both the quick 2.03 build, and the slow 2.1 ( not surprising.)

Bootgrabber was also about the same speed with both builds.

Don't think either of those is causing the hold up.
No it is bcdedit. In 2.1 I now use /enum all, whereas earlier I used to use /enum.

The fix is easy: you have a loft of cruft entries in the BCD that are no longer used or shown in the menu. EasyBCD's reset BCD feature will clean them out for you.