[FIXED] Unable to add ISO entry - Easy BCD 2.2 Build 160


I've just downloaded build 162 and am trying to add an iso entry for Mini Tool Partition Wizard iso but when selecting path all I get is an about ISO options dialogue box. When I click OK on this and try to select a path this about options just reappears so there is no way to actually choose the iso path.

Could someone check to see its just not me getting this loop.

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Hi Joey,

You're right. This is exactly the kind of bug I'm searching for - in doing the localization, I had to "rewire" the connections between the code and the UI.
As you can see, the button with the ? has been swapped with the button with the folder icon below it. Clicking the folder icon besides "mode" dropdown will actually give you the browse.

Should be fixed in the next build. Nice catch!