Fixing boot error 0xc0000428

Discussion in 'EasyBCD Support' started by postbusjj, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Hi there,

    Just to tell you Easybcd (beta) helped me fixing an odd problem. I'll mention it here to share and 2ndly the info I got via google is rubbish.

    Issue was:
    Booting into fresh install Windows 7 gives error "WIndows Status: 0xc0000428, Info: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. (winload)"

    I installed windows 7 on different drive than my current Vista OS. Due to the fact I ran into install problems (Raid/ahci), I disconnected my primary disk, data disks, and re-installed 7. After install and final startup I shutdown and reconnected my original configuration and I choosed to keep my primary disk (with Vista) as boot drive. Anyhow after starting Vista and configuring the BCD adding the 7 entry the issue started. Of course changing the bootorder made me boot into 7 however the problem was persisting. Kept me puzzled for a few days and time goes fast even when you having no fun, then after a bright moment I used the "change boot drive" option in Easybcd from within 7 pointing to my Vista disk. Tadaa, me happy user! Maybe the problem is obvious for the guru's, but really the stuff you get back from google is dramatic.


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