Fixing "Bootmgr is missing" on windows vista


Hello, I was trying to reset my laptopto factory settings, a gateway w350a laptop when it froze and at restart I got that oh so sweet message.

I found the ISO download here, I don't know if I got the wrong version, I downloaded for 32bit vista. The fact is that I burned the image on a cd using sonic digital media home but after finished, seems like my laptop won't recognize it when I restart it with the cd in. I set the cd driver on the first spot from the bios menu and still, the cd runs but at the end goes back to the same bootmgr is missing message.

Is ISO torrent corrupted? do I need to download it again or maybe I got the wrong version... I don't know if this computer is a 64 or a 32. Got the 32, the fact is that I wasn't able to fix it.

Help please!!!