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Ok I added a new hard drive to replace one that died(much larger drive) and have two partitions added to my new drive. Drive one has windows 2000 pro and the second drive has windows 2003. The 2003 drive which is NTFS can see all drives,drive a is Fat32, drive b(new drive) is NTFS. Drive a doesn't see the NTFS drives which leads me to believe I may need to do a fixmbr to correct this,would this be correct? I do not want to mess up any data that is on it.
Hi win3k user, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Are you saying Windows 2003 can't see the Windows 2000 drive, or the other way around?
I believe he's saying his windows 2000 hard disk(A) can't see the NTFS partitions which reside on another hard disk(B) which is the windows 2003 one. Fat32 drives can't see NTFS partitions can they?
That's an interesting question...
I know that Windows 2000 can read and write from FAT32 and NTFS; and that, by default, Windows 2000 cannot be installed to FAT32 (unless you "preserve existing filesystem" during setup). But whether or not Windows 2000 on a FAT32 hard drive can read an NTFS partition, I've never checked; though you'd think it could....

If you'd like to switch your 2k machine to NTFS (which we'd recommend) (be forewarned: you cannot switch it back), you can use the following command:
convert c: /fs:ntfs
It'll preserve all files and folders.