Flash Bios in Vista Ultimate


How do I flash bios in Vista Ultimate?
I have HP XW8000 Workstation that has ver 1 bios the current version is 19. I have downloaded bios update fom HP It includes DOS & Windows Versions. I have tried both with no success. How do I boot from floppy? I keep getting msg to replace disk and press any key.
Vista not seeing floppy as a boot disk. Can't tell that anything is happening on windows version. If flash is successful it is supposed to automatically reboot system. System not rebooting.


I tried the Windows Flash Program again. It worked this time.
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I see that this thread and your other on RAID (sorry no experience of using that, so won't advise out of ignorance), both have a "can't boot from floppy" theme.
Sorry to state the obvious, but have you got floppy ahead of CD and HDD in the BIOS boot sequence ?