For a friend - fuzzy Windows Mail text


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He says his Vista WM is fuzzy, but everything else is sharp....very strange. he has cleartype/font smoothing on.
It's a laptop so an LCD display.
I told him to play around with View/text Size in WM, but couldn't think of anything else.
Any ideas anyone?
Oh :ashamed:

<PitifulExcuse>I clicked it from the home-page, only partial titles show from there.</PitifulExcuse>

Anyway, do you think you could get your friend to take a screenshot? Tell him to just use the snipping tool and send the capture over to you.
LOL @ <pitifulexcuse> actually it's someone I banter with on the Microsoft NG's. I could steer him to post over here I suppose, saves me being the 3rd party here??!!