for my first post

I am sorry but what do you mean? vBulletin is a very common forum application. This forum isnt much different than any of hte Invision Power Boards. If you explain what the issue is we can try to help.

The main thing is to get out what you want to say. If you have a problme with Soudn say it. You have to tell us exactly what the problem is for us to be able to help. We cant help you if we dont know what is wrong.
I don't know, I thought it was pretty straight-forward myself.

Click "New Topic"
It asks "What is the subject of your probelm" You tell it _________
It asks "What is the problem" You tell it _________
Hit "Post"
Wait for a reply.
Welcome to the forums. We get the same comments at McAfee forums and I can never figure out where the problem is.