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I just came across this brilliant website: a list of problems (195 and counting) sorted by difficulty. They're not math problems so much as they are math tasks - there's a trillion different ways to solve each one by deriving an algorithm to suite the purpose... and best of all, their forums have user-submitted solutions for some of the tasks that are really, really ingenious.

Anyway, thought I'd share:
Project Euler
yeah i don;t know if anyone read the post where i said i like a challenge in math well this isn;t what i meant
Thats a very interesting website. What i like is that the problems arent too difficult (at least the ones ive seen so far). As in i could maybe learn/do them with my very limited programming skills. Though i dont think you can solve them using Visual Basic.
The link I posted is sorted by order of difficulty. Compare the number of people that have solved Question 1 (22664) to the number of people that have solved Question 195 (42) - huge difference (and awesome number for the latter :wink:)

(note that you can do them in any order, so it's not a question of people simply not reaching number 195).

You can code anything in Visual Basic. Now whether or not the code will look nice, run fast, etc. is up for debate, but you can do anything.

And if this is Visual Basic .NET (verses VB6), then anything that can be done in C# can also be done in VB.NET, with the same exact steps just different syntax. Take heart: EasyBCD 1.0 was written in Visual Basic .NET :smile: - though most of it is now being ported to C# for maintenance reasons.
You don't need to code, they can be solved with a scientific calculator, a pen, and a pencil.