formating vista on laptop and installing winxp, 2k


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I have a laptop compaq v3000 model with vista preloaded but i want to remove it as it is very slow and then install winxp.I tried installing winxp but it gives me an error harddisk not found when i use my autorun cd of winxp. Please guide me in installing winxp.


I think you will not be able to do that using autorun of windows xp.

So, go to BIOS (when you turn on the pc keep pressing "del" button until you see some blue (mostly) screen with some things on it, you need to set your pc boot from CD-Rom or what ever you have. Be careful with BIOS, you can fry your pc in there, so careful with it. I don't know how your BIOS look like so I cant really tell where is that setting, but look around ant find "First boot device" and set it to CD-ROM, save and exit.

Put your XP cd into CD-ROM and reboot, it will ask you to boot from CD on which you should hit specific(or any, depends on BIOS) button to say yes, it should tell you what to press anyways:smile:. After you do that it will take you to Windows XP installation where you follow instructions on the screen to complete.

Cheers (I hope I didn't said rubbish). :smile:

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i did same, but in vain. I mean I hit the delete key and it asked me for Pressing any KEY to boot from CD, then I hit ENTER. It shows the screens loads the WinXP but after some time ERROR saying there was no hard disk found. ANY IDEAS?
Don't worry vishal. I am telling you the steps. Put the cd in the drive, boot to the "one time boot menu" (usually f12) On the first screen, choose enter, f8 to agree to license. You choose what partition (drive 0, either partition 1 or 2, it'll be the one that vista was on)It'll warn you not to put two os's on the same partition. It'll ask you if you want ot format, choose, yes, choose ntfs (full, NOT quick) format. that you're going to erase everything. Let it finish fully . Now ,enjoy.
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Thanks for sharing your advice, though I must say it doesn't look like either posters are coming back here anytime soon. Generally speaking, that means their problem was resolved....

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I'm afraid Guru is right, but this is good, for sure. When I have a problem I make sure I read whole thread, so this can still be very handy to someone :wink:
first you are go bios setup and advance -disable you r sata navighan

than try agin


Disable SATA from BIOS. Simple..
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Hi, all

I have a Gateway T-1616 with Vista Home Premium installed from the factory. I had to wipe it clean 'cause of a few problems. When I did a reinstall, it said all the data on the hard drive will be erased and that was not the case. What would be the best and most efficient way to do this and how do I set up a 10-15 GB partition to install Vista to as it was originally?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.