Forum Albums, Groups, VMs


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We do away with those features? VMs I can understand, but I was kinda using an album to start managing photo attachments here since I can't delete older stuff from CP if its attached in posts like mods can.
The moderators and I debated it a bit, and to us it seems that friendship requests, groups, and visitor messages ("walls") pose a bit of a stark contrast between what the board is offering and the professional image we prefer to exude.

If people feel strongly enough about friends/groups/walls I guess we can consider putting them back; we just didn't see they were justified in the first place.
Nah, its no big deal. :smile:
I created the GOE mainly for fun.
As for friendship requests and visitor messages, well...I will miss the VMs, and all the fun offered when people do that instead of creating threads. :lol::brows:
Yeah VMs, groups, friend features I could care less really, thanks for restoring the albums though.
Whoops.. Albums should be back now :smile:

Well the albums are back, but whenever you want to view a single picture it doesn't show up:


The preview for the above image doesnt even show on the album page itself.
OK, that was yet another result of the server move.

Fixed now, thanks for bringing it to my attention. You may have to re-upload images submitted between the server move and now.
Nope. But there are a million different settings stored in half-a-million different places... The settings for the albums had changed and I hadn't updated them.