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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum (feel free to move it CG or Mak).
I've noticed in the last couple of days that I can't click and drag to select text in the thread reply box.
This makes it impossible to add URL tags to text, or to use italics or bold.
Did anything change recently ?
Strangely this new thread composition box does not suffer in the same way.
Terry, I'm not seeing that here... what browser are you using?

(FYI: I haven't touched the forum settings or code in over a month...)
Testing this out on here you'll notice that it's all working now.
I would have put it down to an OS glitch, except that it happened 2 days in a row, and only when I was trying to reply to posts in here.
But first thing after a fresh boot this morning (10 minutes ago), everything is hunky dory, so I guess it was coincidental that it only seemed to happen in here.
Put it down to a glitch in Maxthon/Intellimouse/Flywheel/Vista (perm any number from 4)


No it's not gone away, it just happened again. As soon as I clicked on "copy" for a URL I wanted to reference, I lost the ability to drag/select in the reply box.
I've just switched to IE7 from Maxthon to check the browser and it seems that Maxthon 1 is the culprit.
Shame, it's getting more and more buggy as they put all their effort into 2. (there hasn't been a new build in living memory) It's causing Lotus 123 to take an age doing eveything too. I've noticed that 123 semi-hangs (takes an age) whenever Maxthon has been open for a long while, and becomes instantaneous again as soon as I close Max.
It looks as if I'm going to have to call it a day and learn to live with a new browser.
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As sad as it may be abandoning a favorite browser you couldn't have picked a better time - the browser market is ripe for the picking.

Opera 9.6, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.1, Chrome - all in beta, all very nifty and very promising.
I'm using Opera 9.52 as a portable browser on a flash drive and I quite like it, though I'm really comfortable with Max 1. I love its features especially the pop-up and ad-blockers which seem to catch much more than Opera or IE7.
Unfortunately the development freeze seems to be making it progressively more buggy, so I'll probably give Max 2 first chance.
I've seen the Chrome video (and cartoon), and I quite like the architecture, but I'm not keen on Google's intrusive philosophy when it comes to monitoring web use and second guessing the user's intentions.
I've tried previous FF's but wasn't greatly impressed.


Oh Joy. I've discovered a new Max 1. For months I've been clicking on "check for updates", with "no updates" being the constant reply, but when I went to the website to get Max 2, I found a whole new release of Max 1.
This is it and it appears to work fine, click/drag select included.
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