Forum Overhaul


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
As you guys may have noticed, the entire forum has just been overhauled.

There have been some modifications to the theme, AdSense has been added (we really, really need the cash to keep up with the hosting and expenses or we wouldn't have!), and a ton of bugs have been squashed.

Yeah, i don't care so much for the new theme as much as i like all the bugs that are now gone.
but both are awesome!
I'm glad to hear it :smile:

Prominent fixes:

*Linked images show up fine
*Uploading and downloading fixed
*Proper indexing by Google
*SWF-Avatar fix
*Unread posts fix

And there were a bunch of others too.
omg - I forgot to mention the biggest fix: The title of pages now shows the title of the post/form you're currently in! :grinning: