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What exactly am I doing wrong ?
I decided to update my Avatar and add a signature, both of which worked as designed.
Then when I looked at my previous posts, there was the new Avatar, but no signature in sight, despite having it in ticked in "options".
I went into my latest post and clicked edit/advanced and ticked the signature box, and sure enough it appeared on that post, but on no others.
I've noticed before that other posters have changed signature, and the change has propagated through all their historic posts, so I rather expected that my sig would do likewise.
Is the sig flag set on an individual post basis, rather than a per user basis ?
I have always had the "show sig" flag ticked in the Post/Additional Options, but had no signature in my profile, so would expect that an "invisible" signature was present to be replaced by the now visible one, but evidently not.
Is the logic
Post flag on + Profile flag on = Show sig + mark as present
Post flag off | Profile flag off = No sig + mark as absent ?
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It should show up on all your posts. You might have to do a hard reset of your browser to see it in all your posts. Ctrl+F5

That will clear the cache of the browser and allow for the updated settings to take place. :wink:


After checkign it seems as if not having a sig previously has prevented it form showing your current sig. I have always had a sig so i can not test this personally.
Terry, when you don't have a signature set, the vBulletin default is to not sign your messages.

I have to disappear now for a couple of hours, but when I get back I can run a quick query and tell the forum to assign a sig to all your posts, if you like.


(for clarification, I'm talking about the "Show Your Signature" checkbox in the "make a reply" page under "miscellaneous options")
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Don't go to any trouble Guru, it was just a query. I don't really care about the historic post with/without status. It's showing OK on the current posts now. (I was just curious because the behaviour of the Avatar is different. When I turned one on, it propagated back through the posts that had previously not had it )
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Red/Blue works, but not as well.

BTW Guru, another quirk. All my historic posts without a sig are no longer editable, those with one still are .

PS How do you reference a single post in a thread ? I can't seem to find any link to copy other than the thread head, but I notice you do it all the time.
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Yes, you need specs ! There are 2 images there, filtered through red (left eye view) and green (right) and you'll only see the fossil in 3D wearing specs that present your brain with the appropriate image in each eye.
well maybe you could picrure it through the green and blue galsses since we all dony have 3d glasses lying around.... ohhh there they are never mind...jk.. how does it seem with the glasses plz explain
Red/Blue works, but not as well.

BTW Guru, another quirk. All my historic posts without a sig are no longer editable, those with one still are .

PS How do you reference a single post in a thread ? I can't seem to find any link to copy other than the thread head, but I notice you do it all the time.
When you look at the posts when you see the number in the upper right hand of the post that is what you click. It will give you that post to link to.:wink:
Mak, thanks for that - missed that it was clickable - that's the trouble with having "hover" set.

If you can find yourself some 3D glasses, you'll see the fossil standing out in front of the lamp behind it at the back of my desk.
kool thanks for the explanation sounds pretty kool ill go get me some 3-d glasses rite now jk i thought those 3-d glasses only worked with motion pictures and not just any motion pictures special ones
It's just a camera (still or movie) with 2 lenses, separated by the same distance as your eyes, filming through different colour filters normally.
In this case it's my standard Olympus digital camera, taking 2 distinct photos (moving sideways a few inches between shots) then post processing the 2 images into a red/green composite with some freeware.
Back in 1980 I took a pair of colour slides of Brice Canyon in the US SW with my analogue Pentax, because it was such a potentially good 3D subject with all the thousands of rock columns, taking a step sideways between frames.
Over 25 years later, I finally got to scan and digitise them, and applied the same software. The final rendering was not as successful as I'd hoped, but you do get some fair feel for the dramatic 3 dimensionality of the scene.
If you ever come across a pair of free specs, I'll post that for you.
View Avatar with RedGreen 3D specs !

Terry - I dug out my old red/green 3D glasses that I got years ago when our local CityTV used to air 3D movies every Saturday night. Unfortunately the avatar is a bit small but I think I got some 3D effect.
It looks like a trilobyte fossil, am I right?
I didn't know you could make these pictures yourself!


Terry, you can't edit those old posts because they're old - not because of the signature thing :wink:
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It's an Ammonite Peter,
OED ammonite /amnt/ n. M18. [mod.L ammonites, f. med.L cornu Ammonis horn of Ammon, name given to these fossils from their supposed resemblance to the involuted horn of Jupiter Ammon: see -ITE1.] Palaeont. Any of numerous fossil cephalopods of the order Ammonoidea, which have a chambered shell usu. coiled into a plane spiral, and occur mainly in Mesozoic rocks.
The only thing on these boards older than me !
(It was a present on my 50th birthday from a schoolfriend, reminding me that I was on the verge of fossildom myself)
The avatar is a bit on the small size, try the attachment
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Considering it is now 48 years since I was at university where my secondary subject was geology, it isn't surprising I got that wrong.
You aren't the oldest here, I think I am....67 almost.
Thanks Peter, you've made me feel young again.
Our posts crossed - did you see the attachment I edited in.
I just took Ammonite in Geology at school. Maybe if i read this before the test i would have gotten better :wink:

On another note,
there seems to be a problem whenever i try to open an attachment or something it doesnt work.
It routes me to the sign in page even though im signed in. Then if i sign in again it still wont show.