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We're glad to let you know that we've taken care of all the problems in the old forum system by switching The NeoSmart Forums over to vBulletin, a very powerful and reliable platform.

We've just finished migrating all the old posts, threads, polls, attachments, and user accounts a few minutes ago; and it's ready for you to start posting.

Unfortunately, due to certain incompatibilities, there are some things that will need your attention:

1. Passwords need to be reset.
NeoSmart Technologies values your security and privacy above and beyond everything else. In order to maintain this high level of security, no one (not even us!) knows your password: it's encrypted and stored in the database. Unfortunately, the encryption used by vBulletin isn't compatible with our old system, so you'll have to reset it via one of two ways:

a) We've written a quick script that just requires you to enter your old username and password and it'll automatically take care of everything for you:

b) Email yourself a new password by using this form:

2. Avatars lost
If you've successfully reset your password, the next thing you're probably wondering is, "Where's my avatar!?"
We weren't able to port the avatars over to vBulletin, so head on over to your profile and pick/upload a new one.. Sorry about that!

3. Enjoy yourself!
NeoSmart Technologies upgraded to this new forum system for several reasons, the most important of which is that our members weren't too happy with the many bugs and limitations of the old system. New features include multiple attachments, improved search, tagging, related threads, and a bunch of cool, new features for your perusal.

Good luck!
The NeoSmart Team

NeoSmart Technologies
Password Reset Form
This is great news. vBulletin is a great forum. I prefer IPB but VB is next best fourm out there.
I was actually going to go with IPB, but refrained on a matter of principle (Matt's tendency to break promises and raise prices).

vBulletin has better support, but IPB is for sure the better script, IMO.