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Hey Guys,

The forums were getting really messy (so many out-of-place threads!!!), so I've been reorganizing them all for the past hour or so.

Most importantly, the Windows Vista and Legacy Windows forums have been merged. The Vista forum was originally "Longhorn Support" waaaay back when Vista was Longhorn and it wasn't released and in alpha state - at this point, there is no reason for it to be a separate forum.

Posts in the wrong forums have been mostly moved over to the correct location, hopefully the mods and myself will try to move threads to the correct forums as they're posted in order to keep things straight from the beginning.

Moderators will also notice that deleted threads have all been cleared, certain forums *cough* hardware support *cough* had pages of spam and no real posts!

Any/All comments and suggestions on the matter are welcome :smile:
Great, I was wondering when the Windows forums would be merged. If we kept it the way it was we would need to have a Windows 7 forum too and move all the posts relating to W7 to the right forum :??
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