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Hey Everybody,

I've been working on the forums for the most part of the day, upgrading the system to vBulletin 4.1 and many other things. Please bear with us if you see anything weird, and post about it here so we can get it fixed ASAP.

There are a lot of new features, but mainly things will continue to work as they always did. Most of the changes are behind the hood.

We have introduced a new mobile theme for the site that will make it more smartphone/tablet friendly. We're also working on the design of the site, and fixing things as we go along.

Thanks for your patience.
There was a problem in the upgrade that corrupted internationalized strings. It's been fixed, though the forums were half-offline for the past half-hour to pull it off.

Thanks for your patience.
A tiny point, but mildly irritating is that clicking either "reply" button, jumps to the appropriate reply box, but doesn't give it focus, so I've ended up typing into the ether a few times.
Scrub that "appropriate" above.
I've just realized that the "reply to thread" button doesn't go to "advanced" edit anymore, but to the same "quick reply" box as the reply arrow.
While I'm in "niggles" mode
The "new posts" button the mods use for regular monitoring jumps into the "what's new" tab and loses all the standard buttons in the line below. Any way to keep all those buttons showing all the time like they used to ?
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Terry, on my browser "reply" and "reply with quote" both go to the quick-reply box and give it focus. Can you try something other than Maxthon?
If it is broken in Maxthon, I'll see if I can't fix that.

RE: "Reply to thread" - never even saw it until you pointed it out. Makes sense that it should go to the advanced page, otherwise one would just scroll down for a quick reply. I'll look into that :smile:

Peter, I thought your post was about the mobile theme! sorry for the confusion.
Well I sort of added that bit as an afterthought really, sorry about that. :wink: Yes right now it doesn't matter which one you choose it focusses on the Quick Reply.
You're right about it being Maxthon. More specifically the Webkit rendering engine. Switch to Trident in retro mode and it gets focus.
Tried IE9 and Opera. They were OK, but Iron doesn't get focus either.


Switching to retro mode has pointed out to me a few other differences. Just hitting enter on the ban user page of the modcp or the advanced user search page will carry out the desired action (one of my mouse thumb buttons), whereas the Webkit engine needs a click on the ban button and a click in one of the active search fields to take focus before the action will occur.


Oh yes, and the modcp ban user page "ban duration" dropdown omits the bottom line and needs a scroll to reveal it
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I'm on Chrome myself (Webkit-powered as well), but I get the quickreply-autofocus.... though what you say about the moderation selection tools is certainly true here too.
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