Fractals anyone?


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fractals are the best ^__^

here is one i wiped up and about five minutes, (it took an hour to render, with 64bit integer depth, 3 oversamples @ 2000 quality (in apophysis)


my next one is going to be bigger rez to be 3400x2400, 32bit long float depth, 3 oversamples @ 4000 quality is to take 5 hours of rendering (let hope my laptop can take it)
5 hours? Bettter be a really good picture
they are rasters, they take time to render, math is done, (alot) and it has to go over and render more each time.


wow picaso
how do you make them?
I use a program called Apophysis: it is free and pretty kool

Renders eat up a alot of RAM and your whole processor.

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