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Hi Guys,

If anyone has been looking for a decent backup program for Windows, the company I'm currently working with has just released Genie Timeline 2.0 which is a free real-time data protection program.

Timeline is meant to be a one-click "set it and forget" backup solution which will take near real-time snapshots of changes to files on your PC, and integrates neatly with Windows to show you a "timeline" of recent changes to your data.

It's one of the most challenging products I've worked on - tons of features and hidden complexities. If you have any comments or feedback, I honestly would love to hear it.
Finally got it done, good job :smile:
Only complaint is custom scheduling not being present in the free version... don't a lot of free solutions provide this feature?


Well I guess its not needed anyway, seeing how it stores changes to files. So the WebUI is how you search for files (its not built into the app itself)?
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Yeah. The intention is to enable remote searching and file access at some point, so this is laying the groundwork for it.

BTW - if anyone here honestly wants to use Genie Timeline on a regular basis, I've got some pro licences to distribute :wink:


BTW, for the most part there really is no need to set up scheduling, since GTL is based on the idea of "constant data protection." It's all about never having to worry about whether or not your latest changes are present and always being able to view previous versions of your files, intelligently kept, filtered, and purged to save space.


Free Timeline 2.0 Pro licenses available here:
Genie Timeline 2.0: Quality Free Backup For All The NeoSmart Files
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A day later and you've already got nearly 18 thousand downloads on CNet. Looks like hard works paid off :smile: