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I received a special offer for NeoSmart Technologies from some of the big names in the tech magazine industry, and we're pleased to announce that our members can subscribe to a wide range of tech and computer-related print magazines for free.

NeoSmart Technologies Magazine Center

Most magazines are available for free to US & Canada residents, some are also available with free international shipping.

There are also a number of eBooks, research papers, and other articles available at the above link..
Yeah, I neglected to mention that there are other categories than tech magazines - there's actually a wide range of topics and titles.

Glad you guys found something you liked in there... any particular recommendations?
Not so far, at least not that I think you'd like. The ones I ordered are travel industry news-related, hardly interesting to anyone not in that line, or, like me, who used to be in that line.
I'm sorry... when you say order do you mean you get the hard copies? Here I was thinking it was all online, but that's great :smile:
Yep - print. The print ones are mostly very technical (laser engineering, microwave RFDs, oil pipelines!!!!) but there are some nice titles in the mix.
Well I feel like a 2nd-class citizen. Both the travel magazines I asked for have refused my subscription saying that it isn't available to retired people, only those currently active in the travel to them.
Wow, that's messed-up!

You'd think they'd show a little more thoughtfulnes than that.... it's rather stupid since it's the experience and advice of the people now retired that others count on most - you'd think they'd share some of that love around. :frowning:
Exactly. I've reapplied for one and this time lied a bit so we'll see. It's crazy considering they sent it to me at work for free for 30+ years.
LOL. Well I do pay for some. One of them I've been getting since January 1952 - National Geographic Magazine. I still have them all too.
By my reckoning that's about 2 cubic yards of NG Peter. I hope they're not all stacked in the loft !
I don't wan't to read the headline, "Geordie Boy ex-Pat crushed in Canadian House Collapse" any time soon.

No, NG's smallish format isn't it ? - One cubic yard perhaps - maybe you'll be safe.
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Don't worry Terry, I live in a concrete and steel highhrise apartment building. I have them boxed in 6 month batches complete with indexes etc in a bookcase.
I hardly ever refer to any old ones, but I couldn't bring myself to part with them.
It's quite nostalgic to go back to the really old ones, especially to see the old car ads.
You could be 200 years old and still have the desire to travel... what a bunch of idiots. Any excuse not to give away something for free I guess. I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving you a subscription in exchange of your money.
Well it is an internal Travel Trade magazine and I suppose they don't like sending it to just anyone. It's been so long since I used to get it that their computer obviously doesn't remember me.
Perhaps it was from before they had computers to keep track of such things, Peter :tongueout:

I used to have a good collection of NGs back in Chicago - perhaps all the issue from 1991 to 1999 or so?

I got them for free on Community Recycle Day, they were just so beautiful...
don't they realize that people save there money until they retire so they can roam the world

speaking of NG in 6th grade one of my teachers was offering a +2 bonus to whoever donates a magazine or book.... etc. to the class library, i happened to have a double copy of a NG magazine so i gave it in expecting lots of bonus points considering the fact that it was shiny and a special edition instead i got a -3 bonus and detention plus a long talk with the teacher becasue the magazine had a special report about african tribes which apparently inclucluded material unappropriate to