FreeBSD 8.2 with W7, boot.


Hi. I'm trying to load FreeBSD, it was installed after W7, and it is not on the first drive. I've installed its boot manager, and tried to add FreeBSD entry from easybsd. But its only boot error on start, how to get it working?
What error do you get? And do you get it before or after you see/select FreeBSD from the boot menu?
Thanks for answering.
Got it working yesterday.

FreeBSD suppose to work with its MBR entry on the active drive, i think it wasn't working because it was on second partition of not active drive, so easybcd's entry can't find it on boot.

I was rebuilding MBR, and moving it to FreeBSD's drive, and making it active.

Hope this will help to anyone. Goodluck to easybcd project.