Freezing on splash screen


Well, this time around it isn't a problem with my computer, but a friend. She is in noooo way at all tech savvy, so I thought I'd try to help her out. Here's the problem:

She boots up the computer, and it'll freeze at the splash screen. apparently, if you're quick enough (10 seconds or so when the splash screen is frozen), you can hit a key to start the boot setup or any other option. The problem here though is that after you hit the key to start the boot setup it will say it's starting up, but permanently freezes there.

Her keyboard is wireless and takes a few seconds into the splash screen until it works, so I was going to bring by a plugin keyboard so that I can try getting into the menu quicker before the splash even loads. Hopefully it won't freeze after that, but if it does, I'm stuck again.

So are there any other suggestions aside from the keyboard deal that I'll be doing?