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Guru when looking at the frontpage earlier i noticed that some of the links dont work on it.

The research link gives me a 404. The Guides Link gives me a 404. As does the Reviews link.

Any specific reason? Didnt know where to place this that is why it is here.:wink:

Those are supposed to link to to the Guides section of the Wiki and the whitepaper download section respectively - neither of which I've really had much time for :smile:
Well as you have discussed this with me via other means....

I will be glad to continue to write up guides with pics to give more support to members. Time to start figuring out what guides to do next. :tongueout:
Right. I think you could write how do I export .max to .dts (TGE model format) I'm dieing to know this! :huh:

Btw, Mak, your site is down or its just me can't load it?
Sadly my site is gone. The server was hacked and i lost everything. Due to time restraints i have decided to let the site go and put my time to more worth while ventures. Like helping out here. :wink:
I didnt renew it. It was due right before the server got hacked. So since i was having hosting issues i didnt renew it. So it basically has gone to waste now. Which is fine. I used it for 2 years. Wish i would have bought a vB lifetime licesne instead but now i know better.
Yeah, you have the experience :smile: I have some plans for the new year, so far it will be IPB, but its not final yet.
Honestly after havign IPB. It isnt worth it. You can outright own vB for the price it will cost you for 1 year of IPB. With vB it is a lifetime license for that amount of $$. To me that is where i think i have gone wrong. Plus there are mods and things like that available for vB just like there is IPB. It is just IPB is more popular. :tongueout:
Ahh I got you now :smile: The forums I usually read have mostly vB, list goes like this:


Thats how the line goes in my bookmarks :tongueout: