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I was at a cafe yesterday and they had the name of their dishes/coffees as peoples' names so i thought id share some:

1- Gilt E. Azell Steak
2- Coffee Anan
3- Len Meabuck
4- Al B. Zienya (probably the weakest one)
5- Hugh DaMann
6- Buster Cherry
7- Hugh Jass ( My favorite one)

I know a couple other ones from the Simpsons like Ivana Tinkle
anybody got any other ones???
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Your last example Ron!n reminds me of a similar joke perpetrated on the BBC governors by the legendary British Comic Spike Milligan.

In the 1950's when he wrote and performed in the long running radio series "The Goon Show", the BBC was very puritanical and strict (radio newsreaders were required to wear full evening dress for a ridiculous example)

Bad language and sexual references were absolutely forbidden, but Milligan had a some-time character (played by Peter Sellars), a radio news reporter called "Hugh Jampton", who appeared in several episodes without attracting the attention of the puritanical thought police.

The well bred upper-class governors didn't know what the average working-class ex-servicemen in the audience immediately recognized as "cockney rhyming slang".

In the same way that
barnet = "Barnet Fair" = hair
whistle = "whistle & flute" = suit
titfer = "tit for tat" = hat
bread = "bread & honey" = money
'ampton = "Hampton Wick" (a Thameside village now a suburb of Greater London) = something rhyming with wick (I'll leave to your imagination)