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Is it possible to make iReboot a gadget for Windows7? maybe using the old xp style buttons for shutdown, reboot and logoff and have a drop down menu under the buttons for the OS to boot to check the link something similar with maybe os select replacing the clock. :brows:

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Are gadgets still popular with Windows 7?
And now with Windows 8 drawing near, metro apps are going to be the new gadgets.
Desktop Gadgets are still popular. Even with Metro apps, those that use multiple screens can still take advantage of the desktop gadgets. As Metro only uses full screen on the main monitor to operate. So the 2nd screen can still display gadgets.
Alex, have you tried using Gadgets in Metro? I was under the impression they've been changed to some sort of desktop widget thingy.
Unless they made major changes to the code from the Consumer Preview to now, you can still use them.



I know this says Developer Preview, but my Consumer Preview desktop looked almost exactly the same. I was able to have Metro going on my main monitor on the left and my gadgets on the right. I even played Cut the Rope via Metro while having my gadgets on, Tweet Deck and Destroy Twitter going.

The only difference between the gadgets now and from when they were first introduced with Vista is that they dont have to be on the "sidebar" anymore. They can be anywhere on the desktop now. I remember Vista had to have the sidebar loaded in order for them to work. In fact I think the process these gadgets all run under is still sidebar.exe if I am not mistaken.
Thanks. Ironically they are from Microsoft.

All I have done is download the themes, install them, go to the folder and copy all of the wallpapers to my hard drive with my other stash of wallpapers and then delete the theme. That way I can still use the wallpapers but not have to have the themes installed. I got to say the only thing I enjoy about Windows 8 over Win7 or Ubuntu is the ability to have separate wallpapers on each monitor.