Get ready for the rush

Naw, I just have to rewrite the vB script to handle the traffic :wink:

I did that with the blog, via my rewrite of WordPress as PerformancePress; talked about it here:
WordPress, PerformancePress, and GSoC 2008 The NeoSmart Files

The blog & download center & main site are now all highly-optimized home-brew code and can take (and have taken many times) a slashdotting without even blinking; but the wiki, forums, and gallery need to be rewritten at some point.
CG, You sure have made a useful tool hopfuly this takes of in a big way for you is this your main job?

Oh an is it ok to pm you a question or to on programing I would rather ask first as of the line in your sig?
If it's the kind of thing you feel doesn't need to be discussed in public, sure, go ahead and PM me.

Currently my full-time responsibilities are NeoSmart Technologies and my studies.