getting backup boot installed


Hi- I've been in computer HELL and hope someone can help me out. I have a macbook and needed to reformat my drive due to an error when trying to install bootcamp to a larger partition. I intended to restore an image of vista x64 but the software I used in MAC needed to change the format to ntfs from fat32 that bootcamp uses. When I tried to expand it using the program it didn't work so I thought I would just install my vista 64 and then restore my image. Unfortunately, my disk was unreadable ARR!! so out of desperation I used a torrent. The restore went fine but now my screen turns black after logon. Eventually it loads. I believe this is due to the torrent not being legit. I thought my restore would write over this but not so. I have a bcd.backup001. How do I get this back or can I use repair on bcd. Thanks for any help with this. IT IA MUCH APPRECIATED. Alan