Getting error message using EasyBCD


First, I want you to know that yesterday I did this same process adding XP on a partition that has Windows 7 installed. Everything went okay and we got a dual boot with both XP and Win 7 on it.

Now I'm trying the same thing with a computer that has Vista installed. I created a new partition to add XP. That part went fine. I'm in XP right now.

I installed .NET Framwork 2.0 as instructed in a "how-to" that I found on the web yesterday. I can't find the original web page on this computer because I can't remember my search words. I found another "how-to" today and followed the instructions for using EasyBCD. I followed the instructions and sometimes I got an error message (different ones over the course of trying several times) and sometimes it tells me that EasyBCD worked. But when I turn off my computer and turn it back on, only XP booted. I did not get the dual boot screen. .

Other times when I started my computer I got a message to reinstall and select to "Repair" my computer. A selection to repair does not show, but the computer reinstall XP.

Okay, so I'm installing, using Net. Framework and using EasyBCD over and over with out success. This is the current Error message:

An error occurred while attempting the specified create operation. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

I hope I gave you all the necessary information. Can you help:?
Thank you. I had searched your stickies and did not see that. It's helpful, except, do you have a link to a Vista System Recovery files so that I can burn a cd? That sticky only mentioned one for Windows 7.