Getting UBUNTU 7 to boot from external hard drive.


Does anyone know of a tutorial for installing UBUNTU 7 on an external hard drive? - please don't say BREEZY - tried it - doesn't work- probably for an older version. My install goes fine; it's setting up the GRUB that I can't figure out.
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It sounds as if you are trying to place the GRUB on the External right? By using the setup method of hd(x,y) correct?

Well this method will not work. As noted in the NeoSmart Files there is a bug that will not allow this to be done with any other file system other than ext3fs. The method we recommend is that you use the sdxx where the xx's are replaced by where you want the GRUB to be installed to. Such as sda1, which would be the first drive 2nd partition.

For full details on Ubuntu install check out our Wiki.

Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

All the information is there. Good luck.
I just did it the day before, here's what you need to do:
Install Ubuntu normally to the external drive.
When you reboot and are presented with a boot menu, hit 'e' to edit the entry.

Change (hdx,y) into (hd0,y), 'enter' to save, and 'b' to boot.
Once in Ubuntu, modify /boot/grub/menu.lst to make those changes permanent.