Getting "User profile not loaded properly. Logged on with Temporary profile" message.


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Hello Neosmart,
I am using Dell Inspiron Vista 64bit SP2 OS. I installed one software (Account Guard) given by Internet service provider. It seems this software created some problem and my Vista did not boot and I was getting black screen with cursor.

To resolve this I ran Neosmart-Easy RE and applied 'Automatic Repair'. Easy RE resolved Black screen issues. But it has changed Vista OS drive C:\ to D:\. Also I am not able to open Explorer or IE or login to Safemode or run msconfig or Add new User account or connect to Internet. In the Desktop screen while logging an error message appears stating "User Profile not loaded properly. Logged on with Temporary profile".

Basically my system is not allowing me to do any function. Please help in resolving this issue.