Getting Vista onto a laptop.


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hiya everyone.

I need to get Vista back into my Acer 9410z laptop. I don't really know how to go about doing that. I don't want to buy a boot disc or purchase Vista since I already have a serial number. Sadly, this model laptop has no hidden partitions with Vista restore or anything so that leaves me basically screwed. lol

Any ideas what to do? I can get a working wired internet connection to the laptop if that helps at all, I don't really know.

Also, I'm not really great when it comes to computers, but I havn't been living under a rock either.

Thanks! :smile:
Hi auriah, welcome to NST.
I can only suggest you find a friend with a Vista DVD (doesn't matter which flavour) and reinstall, quoting your serial number instead of the one on the DVD. Your serial number will tell Setup which type of Vista to extract from the DVD, and the copy you make is entirely legitimate provided you have a licence (your serial number is your licence).