Getting Windows 8 bootloader back

Hi, I just started using EasyBCD today, so please bare with me.

I've been using the Windows 8 RP for a couple weeks now on a new rig. Today I decided to shove an old HDD into the new PC, which had Windows 7 installed on a partition, and also install Ubuntu onto a separate partition on that same HDD.

To make things a bit simpler I'll just explain my hdd setup now:

SSD with Win 8 on
2 TB drive for storage, no os
1 TB with 3 partitions: Windows 7, Ubuntu and storage.

After installing ubuntu, no boot loader appeared on restart, and attempting to selected the 1tb drive it was installed on from bios to boot into just made it go into Win7. I reinstalled ubuntu and still no luck.

I then installed EasyBCD, added Win7 to the boot loader menu, and everything worked fine. However when then trying to add linux, on restart I now get the old Windows 7 bootloader interface. It has all the options present (although loading ubuntu just results in a command prompt but that's another issue) but I'd rather have the Win8 graphical boot loader working.

If I select the advanced startup in Win8, then I can get the graphical bootloader, but on restart it sill goes back to the old one. Also I've managed to get NeoGrub to appear in the graphical bootloader this way, so I'll hopefully be able to use that to load up Linux, but firstly I want the Win8 bootloader to load up by default.

Long story short: EasyBCD disabled the Win8 graphical bootloader and forced the old style one to appear on boot instead. How do I get the Win8 one back?
Also, sorry f anything is unclear in my post, I've been messing around with this for the last couple of hours, it's late here, and I've got work in the morning.

Any input would be very appreciated, thanks!

Mak 2.0

Staff member
There is no way to get the graphical loader of Win8 with the options you have selected. That is the hamper of the new UEFI loader, the graphical loader, that Microsoft has created. It will only work with previous versions of Windows, it will not work with any other OS. So your choice is to use the command line look and be able to boot multiple OS's of various types, or stick with the graphical loader of Win8 and only boot Windows.
Well, I managed to get the neogrub loader to appear in the Win8 boot loader somehow, but as I said, only if I go to "Advanced boot options" in Win8. It won't appear when I boot up normally. In fact at the moment I'm not getting ANY boot loader. Even if I can't manage to get it to boot into Linux, I'd still like to know HOW to get the graphical boot loader back, if there is a way. Thanks for your reply though.

Mak 2.0

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The only way to get it back, use the Win8 DVD to fix the boot. As it is only Windows 8 that has the specific set of files needed for the UEFI boot.
In the end I ended up completely breaking by boot loader for in Windows 8 and had to reinstall, WITH the Win 7 HDD already plugged in, for it to work and come up with the UEFI boot loader. Now I just need to see if I can use NeoGrub to get Ubuntu in there too, but I think that's a question for a different thread.

Thanks for the help.